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Advancing Global Environmental Solutions


The AGES Promise
AGES Thermal Processing Corporation is focused on commercializing its patented, environmentally-friendly, low-temperature thermal remediation technology.

Our patented technology enables us to safely remove liability, costs and contaminants while creating a niche oil revenue with enhanced environmental and public approval.


This is our promise.

  • Zero Fugitive Emissions

  • Effective Hydrocarbon Remediation & Recovery of up to 99+%

  • BS&W Grade Oil Product Recapture

  • Design capacity scalable upwards of 10 tonnes per hour. (Parallel thermal trains can be added to further increase throughput)

  • Moisture content handling of up to 20% by weight; with front end dewatering process available

  • Reliable and Consistent Operation; minimized down time due to robust industrial-grade equipment

  • Treated Waste able to satisfy the Canadian Soil Quality Guideline for Agricultural Land Use*

  • Substantial Waste Management & Transportation Cost Reduction

  • Mitigation of Waste Associated Liability

  • Modular and Portable Skid Designs available to minimize environmental footprint

*Please Note: All above statements represent optimum effectiveness. Results are dependent upon hydrocarbon content and grade, as well as waste stream.

*For hydrocarbons with, and suitable for, in-situ disposal (metal content notwithstanding)

Welcome to the Team,

Randy Lennon

Randy has joined the AGES Team bringing 40 years of entrepreneurial expertise. He is advising in areas of financing structure, business development, marketing and communications.

Nov 2019 UPDATE:
SAGD Centrifuge Paste

1. SAGD Paste in feed hopper awaiting process

2. SAGD Paste solids after processing

3. SAGD Paste solids (Left-Low temp) (Right-High Temp)

4. SAGD Paste solids exiting outlet plug auger into collection bin

Goal of processing was to remove BTEX (Benzene / Toluene / Ethylbenzene / Xylene) contamination from waste stream for Class II disposal.

  • Benzene & Toluene in raw waste stream exceeded guideline (highlighted box - see results)

  • BTEX residual in processed solids (low & high temp) was not measurable (less than 0.005 mg/L) – HUGE SUCCESS!!

Additional Successes:

  • Hydrocarbon in SAGD paste was recaptured for reuse – revenue stream

  • Processed solids handling was greatly increased over raw SAGD paste

June 2019 UPDATE:
Successful processing
 Drill Cuttings & HydroVac Waste
Commercialized AGES Unit

Above is the video of the thermal remediation unit while processing (note: minimal noise).  This clean technology is able to effectively and efficiently distill hydrocarbon from the waste stream and recapture the hydrocarbon in liquid for reuse.  This video begins at the feed auger and continues to the processed dry solids waste bin and finally to the surge (production) tank for the hydrocarbon sample.

Brief summary of drill cutting results from samples sent to Maxxam Labs (June 2019):

  • Hydrocarbon content in raw waste stream was 20.3% (5.0% H2O)

  • Hydrocarbon residual in processed dry solids was 0.1%

  • BS&W of recaptured hydrocarbon was 0.2 BS&W

Prior to processing, hydrovac waste bench-tested at ~45% by weight H2O and negligible hydrocarbon. 

Whats next?  Processing of centrifuge waste from SAGD operations.  This waste provides a valuable hydrocarbon content and a current challenge in handling & storage.  Results to follow...


3rd-party results...


In his role as CEO with Candor Business Consulting, he also draws from an extensive experience as a co-founder and managing director with Meridian International Merchant Capital. Randy oversaw the financing over 30 primarily western Canadian companies from 2006 to 2014 when Meridian arranged financing that facilitated the purchase of the Arizona Coyotes by a group of Alberta investors.