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A Clean Energy Game Plan

Why choose AGES?

  • To lead with advanced technological abilities as an environmentally-conscious technology producer

  • To remain leaders in today’s evolving economic and regulatory climate

  • To increase cost-effectiveness and environmentally sensitive production/remediation

  • To access government “go green” programs and limit your carbon footprint

AGES Thermal Processing aims to build a long term and internationally recognized Environmental Solutions Organization that offers progressive capabilities designed to evolve and meet both local and global environmental needs. AGES Thermal Processing is currently focused on clean energy and is in the final stage of commercializing its patented, environmentally-friendly, low-temperature Thermal Desorption Technology for land and solids remediation.

AGES’s Thermal Remediation Equipment sets the gold standard in waste remediation. Our technology is designed to remove contaminates from industrial solid wastes and extract hydrocarbons into a re-usable BS&W grade oil product. The final product also includes a tier 1 soil approved for agricultural use by Environment Canada. The environmental benefits of AGES' closed-loop technology include reduced energy use, decreased waste & incineration of inaccessible product, vast reduction in transportation costs and associated liability, elimination of fugitive emissions, and reduced water use for oil and gas with overall liability mitigation.

"At Delta Remediation, we applaud AGES for creating an economic solution which addresses tomorrow’s environmental challenge of waste recovery."


Robert Lacey, President

Delta Remediation


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