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A Cleaner Tomorrow


We are architects of tomorrow and committed to addressing industries’ toughest problems by technologically advancing global environmental solutions. We have assumed a responsibility to drive our technologies to set a new level of reclamation standards.







To be leaders in corporate social responsibility offering environmentally progressive technologies that address the biggest concerns of industry today and tomorrow.






PEOPLE: Our people are Stewards of Innovation, Collaboration and Open Communication

PLANET: Sustainable is Attainable. Think BIG, Act Global

PROGRESS: Technology is a Tool. Embrace Change | Drive Progress


Our Values In Action


AGES contributes to a healthy, resilient society through:

  • Our People-first attitude where we emphasize health & safety  

  • Built locally so our technology can support our local economy with job creation

  • Technology Portability designed for remote site access with minimal footprint

  • Technology Flexibility to build permanent large scale facilities

  • Environmentally-friendly Closed Loop System and Reclamation of Tier 1 soil to reconstitute the function of natural ecosystems

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management is an important component of our sustainability

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