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"We are excited about our partnership with AGES and the mutual opportunity presented by this new and exciting technology. We are eager to witness this breakthrough technology become a huge success!" 

Natel Hoffman

Facility Manager, Tero Oilfield


AGES is excited to announce Tero Oilfiled Services Ltd. as an industry partner & client for our first phase of commercialization. Tero Oilfield Services Ltd. is a family run enterprise that has been in the oilfield waste business for 20 years this April. Tero is located in the heart of the area’s oil and gas producers; in Wardlow Alberta.

TERO is an AER-approved oilfield waste facility that thrives on superior customer service, efficient staffing and quick turnaround for clients. Their facility offers ample tank storage to accommodate large amounts of high solids tank bottoms, high solids swab fluids, produced and completion fluids. Tankage includes 2 cone bottom tanks for gravity separation, 45M3 unloading tank, 150M3 floc tank and 1100M3 of water storage. TERO is able to strip the fluids off of the solids and process quickly for holding or to be furthered on to landfill; when TERO's capacity is full and processing can't be done immediately, or in cases of smaller volumes; solids can be stored. AGES is excited to work with TERO's close knit team of waste handling & processing experts.


"JV Driver Group has always valued innovation. That is why it is so exciting to see AGES moving forward with this new technology. We are thrilled to have been involved with AGES thus far and we are eager to see where their technology takes them."

Corey Callahan

Vice President, JV Driver Fabricators


JV Driver Fabricators, the most technologically advanced, multi-discipline manufacturing and fabrication facility in North America, is another cornerstone partnership for AGES.  All of AGES pressure vessel and piping manufacture are expertly crafted by JV Driver Fabricators and the company’s geographic reach offers lucrative access to North American wide markets.

JV Drivers Fabricators has operations in Edmonton, Phoenix and Houston where we provide service to clients from all across North America with the best in safety, quality and value.

JC Driver Fabricators is part of the larger JV Driver Group, established in 1989. Through its subsidiary companies, JV Driver Group provides a wide range of contractor and fabrication services in the industrial, commercial, multi-unit residential and industrial buildings, marine, environmental and public infrastructure/institutions space. This flexibility coupled with a strong track record, particularly in safety, gives us an unique offering in the market. In each of these sectors the JV Driver Group has the capabilities, capacity, geographic reach and track record to provide high value solutions to clients most complex and challenging needs regardless of location.


"Darrell, Wade, Sarah and the entire team at AGES have been great working partners. Darrell's previous experience as owner/operator of a fabrication and field services business, along with Wade's experience, made this project run smoothly. They have truly worked with us as industry partners, not something very common in today's environment. We wish them much success!"

Garett Cupples

President & CEO, GenTex Oilfield


"AGES has assembled a world class research and development team with AGES. We are very excited about the technology and environmental benefits that will come from it."

Ryan Smith

President, Nexus Engineering Technologies


GenTex has been an industry partner for the manufacture of skid, structural and tank components. Their skilled team consists of Project Coordinator, B-Pressure & Journeyman Welders, Millwrights, Heavy Equipment Technicians and Design Engineer. With experience dating 50+ years, GenTex has evolved into a fully integrated manufacturing, service and supply company with exports into 20 countries across 5 continents.

Global leaders in the design and manufacturing of heating and pumping equipment, GenTex also provides service and training on the equipment they supply. They specialize in truck, trailer and skid mounted oilfield equipment for upstream and downstream processes and applications.


AGES is excited to announce shareholder & industry partner Nexus Energy Technologies. This strategic partnership brings to AGES not only a superior network of experienced business owners and international presence, but also skilled labor with engineering and drafting expertise, as well as fully equipped production/assembly facilities. Nexus is a turnkey supplier of pressure control equipment to the Oil & Gas industry; specializing in coil tubing equipment, they offer engineering and machining services to both local and international markets.

Nexus has built a reputation for uncompromising quality and is headquartered in Red Deer with an additional operations in Houston, TX and the free-zone, UAE. Nexus growth is directly reflective of their reputation for uncompromising quality based on the education, integrity, experience and dedication of Nexus employees. Building upon these roots and the substantial market presence, they capitalize on their strengths and relationships to accelerate growth and opportunities. By assembling a strong design and engineering team combined with CNC machines and cutting-edge 3D-CADD software, Nexus continues to strive for a reputation of high quality and timely delivery of products and services that are respected in the industry.


"CETA-West has worked with AGES for over 5 years now and is very excited about the progress made during that time. We are very confident this company has a bright future!"

Joe Lukas

President, CETAC-West


CETAC-WEST is a private sector, not-for-profit Corporation committed to helping small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) engaged in the development and commercialization of environmental and clean technologies. Beneficial linkages have been formed between technology producers, industry experts, and investment sources to facilitate this.

CETAC has hosted a Market Round Table for AGES where industry experts and mentors provided AGES with direct market feedback. Additionally, CETAC has delivered other services to AGES, and AGES’ CEO Darrell has attended the CETAC’s Entrepreneur to CEO Workshop multiple times. AGES is grateful to have the opportunity to work with such an experienced group of business people, mentors and investors. CETAC’s involvement has led AGES to move ahead with its technological development plan; paving the way for a portable unit.


"“With their authentic innovation Darrell’s team at AGES is improving sustainable resource extraction. This is important work and they’re making a real difference by remediating contaminated soils and extracting valuable hydrocarbons.”

Andy Harris

Group Director - Business Development, CSG Canada


CSG Canada helps companies decide, deploy and benefit from best available renewable energy and cleantech solutions. Our seasoned team enables our clients to meet their economic and sustainability objectives via technology solutions that are high-efficiency and provide quick ROI and solid reliability.


""We are truly proud to have been part of the AGES project and the technology and innovation they have brought to the market. They are a truly dedicated tea, of professional who have proven to be relentless in their pursuit of excellence and advancement. We look forward to continuing to be a part of this project and see there the technology takes the market."

Patrick Hogan

President - Earthtech Energy Services

Earthtech Energy Services Inc. is a turnkey solutions provider of electrical, instrument, and controls system design-build services.  They support fixed cost engineering through to commissioning of any and all controls, electrical and instrumentation projects. 


""“It has been over five years since Strategic started on this journey with AGES, and over that time we have observed a textbook example of the synergy between innovation and passion for success as this technology has continued to evolve.  Strategic Projects places high value on innovation in our industry and as such are thrilled to see the progress AGES has made to complete a working prototype.  We are excited to support AGES during the evolution of this technology and be a first-hand witness to their success in the future.”

Todd Christensen

President - Strategic Projects Inc.

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