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Management Team

AGES management team is committed and responsive, through their drive in the passion of what they do. 

Wade Bozak
Chad Commmins - MT
Duane Burkard
head shot DG.jpeg
Darrell Greenman, PMC-PMP
President, CEO & Director | Phone: 403.896.1147

Darrell oversees all business development and corporate relations as an AGES key stakeholder liaison. Darrell utilizes his keen strategic maneuvering and international business experience to explore potential expansion markets for AGES. His efforts have been successful in cultivating numerous relationships for AGES; while building a network of contacts with international governments and strategic allies from the Alberta, Canadian Government, and International Trade & Business Development Ministries.  Darrell’s ability to build relationships and work effectively within international markets is pivotal for AGES strategic growth.

For more information on Darrell, please click here.

Duane Burkard
Corporate Development | Phone: 403.990.8676

Duane was the Vice President of Tervita’s Energy Services division for the past 9 years. His responsibilities during this tenure included safe and compliant operations, engineering and construction, technical services, energy marketing, sales and business development across 90 facilities in Western Canada and 12 facilities in the United States.

Duane started with Tervita (formerly Canadian Crude Separators - CCS) in 2001 as the central Alberta Area Manager for 9 years and then promoted to the Director of Operations for 2 years before his last assignment as the division’s VP leader in 2011. A few key highlights in his 19 year tenure included key inputs in the design, development and operation of the Hardisty crude oil cavern storage facility in 2004, the safety and operational improvements preparing for divestiture of the US division in 2015, the reverse takeover acquisition of Newalta in 2018 and the various new facility builds and executing the growth initiatives throughout the past 19 years with Tervita.

Duane’s career began 29 years ago with an honors diploma in the Petroleum Engineering Technology program at NAIT where he immediately began in the specialty chemicals business with Petrolite Canada (now part of GE Baker). After Petrolite he spent 5 years with Newalta and 3 years in his own consulting and inspection business, Burkard Enterprises Ltd before going to CCS. His authentic leadership style, attention to details and “raise the bar” standards has contributed to his continuous increased responsibilities in his roles and the success of those around him.

Duane is a Certified Engineering Technologist with ASET and was recently a Board of Director member with PSAC for 2 years.

Robert Hubbs 400px.jpg
Robert Hubbs
Business Strategy & Marketing

Advising in areas of business strategy and marketing, Robert has joined the AGES team bringing over 30 years of entrepreneurial expertise and innovation. Roberts focus within AGES is to lead marketing efforts on our technology and strategically deliver this technology to the industry.


Beginning his entrepreneurial journey designing computerized lighting systems for rock bands at age 18 and teaching rock climbing, it was obvious that Robert’s path to success was going to be innovative and unconventional. He loves a challenge and doing things that change the game and rewrite the rules. But not just for the sake of the challenge. It has to create value for clients and for the world.

Traditional retail is “dead” - so - help a mature brick and mortar retailer take sales from 18 to 36 million in 1 year in 1 store. Create a blueprint to do it in all their stores.

Complex communication technology that a giant company couldn’t make work - so - join a startup, develop the team, the technology, and 2 patents, raise 3.8 million and get a revolutionary life safety certified product to market. Build a dealer/distributor network. Company gets acquired.

Finding solutions that combine innovative technology, powerful marketing, and trusted relationships create tremendous value. Over the last 30 years Robert has created value for thousands of people, hundreds of companies in dozens of industries, from Fortune 50 to pre-revenue startups.


Robert Hubbs is equal parts  Geek, Marketer, Speaker, Author, Hardcore Skier, Mountain Biker and Kite Surfer who makes a mean cappuccino and loves to share what he knows and has learned so others can benefit.

Chad Commins, P.Eng
Managing Partner & Director | Phone: 403.356.6266

Chad joined the team at AGES to assist in business depth & growth while providing strategic leadership and vision and overseeing the organization‘s fiscal function & performance. Chad is also a member of the Board of Directors and a shareholder in Nexus Energy Technologies, as well as a member of the Board of Directors and a shareholder of Versa-Line Services. Chad’s depth of knowledge for sound business practice and preparation & protection of intellectual property as well as industry connections in the Oil & Gas sector are valuable assets for AGES. Chad continues to be the key liaison between the operating team, the Board of Directors and the shareholders as well as maintaining and growing key relationships with AGES’ legal, financing and accounting support teams.

For more information on Chad, please click here.

Roderick (Rod) Facey, Ph.D., C.D., P.Eng
Partner & Lead Engineer - G&F Engineering Consultants

Rod has over 25 years of professional practice experience in the areas of Research & Technology Development, Key Account Program Management, Engineering Design, Complex Problem Solutions and Management. Mr. Facey has extensive education and holds his Doctorates in Philosophy and Environmental Engineering, as well as his Masters of Science.

Rod is the original patent designer for the cutting edge Thermal Desorption technology currently under development by AGES. Mr. Facey is also a published academic author with many credits in different publications pertaining to Environmental and Engineering topics. Rod has also assisted Mr. Greenman on the path forward to create AGES and has worked alongside him since the inception of AGES. Mr. Facey’s ongoing role is to oversee all Engineering & Design criteria for AGES.

Wade Bozak

Wade was a highly valuable and respected member of our team here at AGES and the effects of his passing are felt by his fellow co-workers. Wade brought technical expertise to our team and many great contributions to the company helping it move forward in numerous ways. His presence on our team is sincerely missed and his passion is irreplaceable. Wade was a man who was passionate about his work, as shown by his many contributions, from multiple patents to developing new technologies in the Oil & Gas industry.  He will be dearly missed and never forgotten!


Mr. Bozak has an extensive oil and gas related engineering background. His field of expertise includes R&D, Process/Technology Design & Analysis, and Technology Innovation & Development for new processes for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery from industrial waste streams.

Mr. Bozak has over 18 patents and more than 20 years of technical experience. Wade also offers Project and Construction Estimating as well as Project Management of on-site industrial waste treatment plants and oilfield sites. Wade oversees all aspects of the technology in a Supervision/Management capacity and is the lead correspondent for all technical questions.

Rod Facey
Robert Hubbs
Darrel Greenman - MT
Board of Directors

AGES has a progressive, heavily-invested and committed ownership team; passionate about what we do. 

head shot DG.jpeg
Darrell Greenman, PMC-PMP
President, CEO & Director | Phone: 403.896.1147

AGES team is spearheaded by Darrell Greenman, whose experience includes 24 years of industrial, manufacturing, mining, patenting, commercialization, construction services/trades. With a goal in mind, he fears no adversity and thinks outside the box. His 17 years of experience as the owner of two field services and fabrication companies; and also as a key player in several small start-ups, gives him a unique breadth to draw from. Darrell and his support team facilitated the amalgamation and subsequent IPO on the TSX stock exchange for one of these companies. Some of these companies have sold and others he remains on the board of directors today. Darrell’s companies primarily served clients in oil field services, but he also worked with the manufacturing, mining, and construction sectors.  While his experience is concentrated in Alberta, Darrell has also completed extensive work across Canada, the USA, and internationally. Mr. Greenman also gained experience as a consultant specializing in construction management services, all over the world. These experiences provided familiarity with international governments, policy, labour markets, business culture and also, a great network for future business opportunities.


 Darrell holds National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) designation as well as Project Management Certification (PMC) and a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation, with his MBA completion in 2019.  In addition to his numerous years of experience as a business owner, board member and senior manager; Darrell is also heavily involved with CETAC West (Canadian environmental Technology Advancement Corporation), International Ambassador for Access Prosperity, on the Technology Advisement Counsel committee for Red Deer College and on the BOD for The Edge Investment Forum.

Chad Commins, P.Eng
Managing Partner & Director | Phone: 403.356.6266

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chad Commins has spent his career in the Oil & Gas business refining his skills in the production and completion business.  Chad has held many prominent roles throughout his career including Field Engineer with Integrated Production Services (IPS) wireline division as well as Gas Optimization Coordinator; where he specialized in production optimization through the implementation of artificial lift, wellbore intervention & evaluation and reservoir engineering. This placement further honed his knowledge in down-hole completion as it pertained to specialized cased-hole logging, perforating and production logging. In this role, Chad spent the majority of his time working in Saudi Arabia, providing him with valuable international experience.   


In 2003, Chad and three business partners started Pentagon Optimization Services - a company that over its lifespan became one of the premier Oil & Gas optimization companies in North America.  Chad was the President of Pentagon from 2003 until the share purchase acquisition of Pentagon by Lufkin Industries in 2011. Following the acquisition, Chad was asked to remain with the new company as the General Manager of Lufkin, a role he carried out until September 2012.  During his time as President of Pentagon and General Manager of Lufkin, Chad’s responsibilities included on-going product evolution (involving work on five patents), technical client support, business sustainability and growth involving in-depth knowledge of P&L statements, leadership and mentorship.   

Ryan Smith, P.Eng

In 2016, AGES was very pleased to announce Nexus Nexus Energy Technologies investment in our company. Under this investment, Ryan Smith was appointed as a Director and brings a wealth of international experience with Nexus Energy Technologies along with his own his extensive personal knowledge, networking and business acumen.

From a value-added point of view, Ryan and the Nexus Energy Technologies team offers immense management and professional experience. Nexus Energy Technologies also has a great foundation of engineers and draftsmen to facilitate and assist our internal engineers. Nexus Energy Technologies also has extensive facility options that offer AGES diverse localized capacity that is crucial for the path forward in assembly design and testing of units.

don q - Copy.jpg
Don Quist

Don has over 30 years of extensive project management and construction supervision experience in the industrial engineering and construction industry, including within an operating plant environment. At Kleinfelder Canada, Inc. (operating as Kleinfelder | Hood), Don collaborated with the major market leaders to identify project opportunities, and position the operations within those markets.

In 1992 Don undertook the role as company Co-Founder of Hood Group, a consulting engineering and technical services company in Edmonton, Alberta.  During the 20 years in the heavy oil, gas, and industrial chemical process engineering business, Hood expanded its offices to Calgary and grew into a lower middle market company with clients worldwide. In 2014 Kleinfelder acquired Hood group bringing Don in to serve as VP of Corporate Business Development where he provided leadership and strategic direction of business development activities from July 2014 until his recent retirement. To this day, Don continues to be active as a board member and mentor with several organizations including AGES.

Darrell Greenman
Chad Commins
Ryan Smith
Don Quist
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